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Sorrento and Pompeii day tour

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With our English speaking driver you will start a guided tour of the Sorrento peninsula. The peaceful and the fantastic landscapes of the Gulf of Sorrento will kidnap you. The historic part of the city with shops where you can buy limoncello bottles and wooden inlaid wooden items, will give you moments of relaxation before you go to the next stop of the tour: Pompeii.

Enjoy an afternoon wandering through the ruins of Pompeii: the one-time Roman holiday town brought to its knees by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD. Marvel at the frescos and various architectural wonders so advanced for their era. You will discover the frescoes, mosiacs and other ancient monuments of the one of the most important touristic destination in the world. 

Finally the driver will brings you back at the hotel and we hope that you have spent a beautiful day with us!

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Sorrento and Pompeii day tour

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